Select a Real Estate Agent

No two agents are the same.  Who do you want in your corner working for you? In this capacity you are getting an agent who will be diligent, thorough, timely, organized and in your corner.

Obtain Financial Preapproval

This isn’t a must but it certainly will save time in the end and provide a better position as a buyer when submitting an offer, I can reccomend a few lenders too. 

Buyer Consultation

By spending an hour or two together I can find out everything you want and desire in your new property, and formulate a game plan toward selection. 

Selection of Properties

I will be able to comprise a list of homes for you to view that fit all of your selection consultation criteria

View Properties

Whether you would prefer to spend a day or two going from property to property or spread it out over a week or two seeing only one or two a day, I am here and flexible to your needs.

Write an Offer to Purchase

Knowing the market and property details is what you hired me for, I will help you put forth an offer in contractual language that will protect your best interests and maximize your opportunity.