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Thanksgiving is a time for us to celebrate our families and friends, to set aside our differences, and just be glad for what we have.  With all that is going on in the world, and our country it may be hard to shy away from politics so I suggest the following.  Above all, be thankful that you live in the greatest country in the world, have as much opportunity as you choose to pursue, and enjoy the right to be able to argue. 

1.  Set boundaries, if there are certain topics you just don’t want to be brought up then let people know in advance.

2.  Have an assigned moderator who has the final “gavel” on when a particular discussion needs to be tabled and or ended and everyone agrees to that decision.

3.  Wait to discuss certain topics until after the meal, or maybe only allow certain things to be discussed for 20 min during the desert.

4.  Be open-minded and listen, you might actually learn something. 

5.  Remember there are still people going hungry and cold in our own nation and if you are able to read this post, you still have it pretty darn good.

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