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New Hampshire’s unemployment rate is at a historic low, falling to 3.5% in September 2019. The average household income in the granite state is $73,381 which is considerably higher than the national average of just over $60,000. So, we can safely say that there is a great job market in our state. The overall outlook for the New Hampshire housing market in 2020 looks to be a repeat of 2019, which is actually a mutual win for both the buyers and the sellers. That’s right, it is neither a buyer nor seller’s market right now, nor rather it is both a buyer’s and seller’s market. Let me explain.

For those considering a purchase, the overall housing sales are up statewide year over year .03% while the median average price has gone up by 6%. What does this mean? I will answer that with a question. Would you rather be buying into a housing market where the values of homes are dropping? Of course not. An annual increase in home values at this pace shows a healthy yet stable market. Continuing to sit on the sidelines waiting for the values to completely level out is not be in your best interest. Take advantage of the low-interest rates and flat sales numbers and finally get that home you have always wanted. Now to address the prospective sellers who have watched the market finally recover to where values were back in 2005.

The climb has plateaued and remained steady now for almost two years. The 3-6% annual gains at this point are hardly enough to offset the maintenance costs and increase property tax rates. Any further hold off on listing becomes a diminishing return on the sale. Don’t get too greedy waiting for additional huge increases in your home’s value, it is time to know when to cash out when you are ahead. 

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