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  1. Gutters are clear of leaves and debris
  2. Outside Furnace Vent pipe clear of everything (mine was hidden in a bush)
  3. New Filters in the furnace (should replace monthly in winter)
  4. Has the boiler and or furnace been serviced? Do it now, not when it’s sub zero and not working!
  5. Reverse the direction of those ceiling fans and push warm air down (especially if you have vaulted ceilings)
  6. Are you set up to avoid ice dams? Do you have a snow rake and know where it is?
  7. Make sure windows are sealed up well, calk or reseal if needed.
  8. Put extensions on the downspouts to get water well away from the house.
  9. Sprinkler system and pool have been flushed out
  10.  Lawn mower and gas powered garden tools have been drained of fuel and ready to store (high ethanol fuel doesn’t keep and causes havoc in spring) I learned that the hard way with my blower, weed whacker and chain saw this year.
  11. Chimney has been swept and inspected
  12. The snow blower has been fired up, and tested already.
  13. If you get a draft from under doors, make sure you have a towel or even an under door sealer.
  14. Stock up on Firewood, heating oil, natural gas and Scotch

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